inspirations of an island – Sardegna

The end of a journey
Is where searching ends
And being starts
And trust can grow.

Everything is calm
after founding realm.

Is the point
At lands end
Where the pink winding road
Curves along the shape of the wild rocks
Into a house made of stone
Filled with love
And an open view to infinity.

Kissing of horizon and sea
My soul’s touching me
All the thinking comes to rest
Giving us, of the day, the best.

Remind me of these joyful childhood days
Watching white horses riding on blue ocean waves

Who sees the white horse
And who’s imagination allows for the unicorn to awake again?

Playing, staying, feeling just in the now
Real seeing

Blue Waves in a relaxed rolling
Catching my soul in.
Invisible Birds share their voices
The happiness of life.

My subconcious part has space
Is free to talk to me
I listen
I am

Realizing – once again;
We are only man
Little particles in the universe
Making it
between middle earth and there

“Every second counts”
Is the measure for every-day office rounds
Overcoming the quadratic measurement of time 
is the golden rule here.
Jumping into the flow
Of the now
Feeling the breath of nature
Letting go of time.
Makes me feeling fine.
On the island
Where I land. 

written by Julia Hudemann, 06/2019.